Leicester 1980s

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Leicester, 1980s.

Brush type 2 diesel locomotive, Leicester station

Brush type 2, 31296 pauses for the right-of-way, northbound, Leicester station, July 1985.

Diesel shunter in parcels sidings, Leicester station

08536 shunts in the parcels sidings at Leicester station, July 1985.

HST at Leicester station with old semaphore signals

A southbound HST about to enter Leicester station, July 1985.

Old and new signals, Leicester Station

The semaphore signals were coming to the end of their lives around Leicester station, July 1985.

Parcels train Leicester station

"Peak" 45143 arrives at Leicester station with a southbound parcels train, July 1985.

HST, Leicester North signal box, old semaphore signals

An HST passes Leicester North signal box before entering Leicester station, July 1985.

Class-56 with empty coal train, Leicester station

A class-56 locomotive heads northbound through Leicester station with a train of mgr coal wagons, July 1985.

HST & dmu, Leicester North signal box, old semaphore signals

A southbound HST approaches Leicester North signal box and Leicester station while a dmu makes a positioning move, July 1985.