Britain 1970s

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Railway photographs in Britain in the 1970s


Around Leicester

Railway photographs around Leicester in the 1970s.



Railway photographs in Coalville in the 1970s.



Railway photographs in Wigston in the 1970s.



Railway photographs at Loughborough Midland station in the 1970s.


Midland Main Line north of Loughborough

Railway photographs north of Loughborough in the 1970s.


Midland Main Line south of Loughborough

Railway photographs south of Loughborough in the 1970s.


Near Frisby on the Wreake

Railway photographs near Frisby on the Wreake, on the Leicester-Peterborough line, in 1976.



Railway photographs around Nuneaton in the 1970s.


Tinsley Marshalling Yard

Photographs of an official visit to Tinsley Marshalling Yard in 1974.